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Are you relocating?

With hundreds of international organizations and companies the greater The Hague area counts nearly 50.000 foreigners! Each year the region welcomes nearly 4.500 new international residents! 

If you are planning to relocate to The Hague, Delft or Scheveningen, it is good to know that BizStay has a large number of serviced apartments where you can get a BRP registration. This registration of you and your family members is necessary in order to arrange important issues such as health care insurance, schools, receiving personal mail and other issues that are crucial to organize your life in The Netherlands. 

Our partner organization The Hague International Centre (THIC) provides information and assistance with this as well as with other formalities. Our staff can help you to get in contact with THIC, which is located in the townhall at Spui 70 in The Hague.