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OV Chipcard on arrival

Using the extended public transportation network is quite easy in The Hague. If you plan to use public transportation during you stay, you must have an OV chipcard. This transit card can be used for all public transportation in the Netherlands, including trains, trams, underground and buses. If you plan to stay for a shorter period than 2 weeks, it might be better to buy a ticket for just one hour or one to three days. Information can be found on (also in German available).

To make your life easier, we can arrange one or more OV Chipcards for you and your spous. This way you can hop on the bus or tram immediately after you arrive without having to worry about where to purchase the card. At a cost of € 20  your personal card with € 10 of credits will be handed to you at check-in by our host. Please note that you need one card for each person. If you travel with a family or group, make sure you order the correct amount of cards.

If you want to use this service please inform our Service Team at least 48 hours before your arrival.