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Vacation and City Break

The Hague and Delft are not only highly appealing cities to reside in but also make fantastic destinations for a brief city break or a summer vacation. Nestled along the Dutch coastline, The Hague stands out as the sole large city in the Netherlands that seamlessly combines the advantages of a culturally rich urban environment with the vibrant beach life found in two renowned beach resorts: Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

Delft boasts a renowned reputation for its distinctive Delft Blue pottery and its picturesque canal-surrounded town, adorned with historical monuments and medieval architecture. It is also the birthplace of the famed painter Johannes Vermeer, known for his masterpiece "The Girl with the Pearl Earring." Equally noteworthy, Delft is home to TU Delft, a world-class technology university established in 1842.

In addition to its cultural and historical offerings, The Hague is part of a vibrant region that includes Delft that recently ranked as the number one city in the World Quality of Life Index by CNN. With its world-famous museums such as Mauritshuis, Museum Voorlinden, Escher Museum, and the Louwman Car Museum, the region caters to diverse interests, including the delightful miniature city of Maduradam and the Legoland Discovery Centre for younger visitors.

Moreover, The Hague's strategic location is underscored by its accessibility, with a journey to Amsterdam taking less than 40 minutes and to Rotterdam even less than 30 minutes. This accessibility, combined with its cultural richness, explains why The Hague has emerged as an internationally recognized hotspot.

The Hague